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Digital Character Sheets & Campaign Management For Pen & Paper Roleplaying games

What is the d20 tools system?

It is a html5 based web application which allows you to create and save characters for multiple pen and paper based game systems as well as run campaigns with your party. Currently we support some of the mainly used systems as shown below but we are looking to add more as we go.

  • Dungeons & Dragons ® 3.5 Edition
  • Dungeon World
  • Warhammer® Fantasy Roleplaying
  • Dungeons & Dragons ® 4th Edition
  • Starwars ® Saga Edition
  • Dungeons & Dragons ® 5th Edition
  • Pathfinder

The system has two main aspects to it, one is the character sheet system which provides a flexible and customisable (via plugins) way for you to manage everything about your characters, the other is the campaign system which is an evolution of the play by post style approach to campaigns. This allows Game Masters to create campaigns, invite Players and run campaigns from start to finish. Play campaigns your way with your characters, supporting embedding of character sheet data directly into the campaigns to keep a accurate historical log of every roll made and every bit of dialogue that occurs.

Why should I use it?

We have all felt the pain of taking the time and effort to create a character on a fragile bit of paper and then having something happen to it, causing us to expend more effort to make another copy. All of this can be avoided with digital based character sheets, which can be copied, shared and edited far quicker than their paper counterparts.

This means no more torn or lost character sheets, or having to transcribe a new character sheet mid session because you have finally rubbed through the paper where your HP score used to be. You are free to change your character sheet however you want and save it when your happy or reset it if you are not, you can also persist characters online within our system meaning you can access them on any device with a web browser to update and change.

Things such as sharing your character with friends, or getting a GM to vet your character before a campaign become small tasks now. Allowing you to concentrate on having fun and not managing your character data.

I am a GM, what benefits do I get?

  • Run your ENTIRE campaign from within one of our campaign modules
  • Complete trace-ability on campaign content and embedded character data
  • Campaign pages which act like small wikis to track information on campaigns, or sessions done outside of the system
  • Access it whenever you want and continue the campaign whenever any of the players have time
  • Manage groups splitting up with our timelines feature

As mentioned you get complete history around rolls, hit points, and almost any aspect of a characters sheet and system. We are working to implement more GM specific features, such as gifting players XP (in applicable game systems) and initiative tracking (in applicable game systems).

I am a Player, what benefits do I get?

  • Multiple campaigns and have multiple characters.
  • Import/Export/Persist/Share your characters with friends, or use a character sheet as a template for another.
  • Access the campaign and characters any time you want or post up any idea you have, allowing you to just get on with having fun whenever you can fit it in.

We are working on some features around exporting to PDFs for taking to in person campaigns as well as other features around improving the ease of embedding data into the campaigns as well as providing mobile/native versions of the system to allow you to connect and roleplay anywhere you want on whatever device you want.

I am still not sold on it, why should I use this system and not the hundreds of other game system tools?

Good question! we are not here to replace all of the existing tools for the various game systems. We are here to provide a flexible alternative to paper character sheets and play by post campaigns, so if your current workflow still leaves you with a paper character sheet at some point maybe you would want to think about making it digital for the reasons mentioned above. You can find out more information about the Character Sheet Features

Now assuming you’re still not sold, and you have some brilliant excel spreadsheet which auto calculates your stats, or you have a bit of software on your computer which lets you make a character and save it to a pdf. It is all great and works for you, but lets say you were using a tablet or a mobile phone, does your software still work there? What if we were to switch or Mac or Linux? Granted those PDFs are still viewable but its a read only version of your character.

We have taken the approach of giving the player the freedom to have access to their character and campaigns on a myriad of devices, so you can update your character while your waiting for your lunch to cook or continue the campaign while on the bus, the choice is up to you and we try to provide you as much flexibility on how you consume the system.

Anything else?

Well we haven’t really talked about the extensibility of the system, and to most people that wont mean much. However to the tinkerer or engineer among us that means you can customise the system and re-style it however you see fit. You want to change the validation notification mechanism? sure go right ahead. You can write your own themes if you don’t like the default one and share it with your friends to make it more fitting for your campaigns. The possibilities around the plugins functionality is remarkable, you can add any functionality and features to the system you want.

There are also plenty of other features available now and coming soon, so it’s not really fair for us to call this our system, it would be more accurate to call it YOUR system. If you have any feedback or comments for us we would love to hear from you on the support page which is our main hub for sharing ideas and seeing what the community wants next.