Following on from our previous post on the topic of GMing we are going to briefly cover speeding up combat encounters!

This is not really an issue if you are doing your campaigns in person, however when you start to translate over into the online world it can quickly eat up time, this can especially be true when using play by post style interactions.

So as GM here are some things you can do:

  • Make sure everyone knows the environment and ideally has some form of image showing it
  • Make sure everyone has access to the rules and character information applicable to them
  • Help your players out every now and then with environmental tools they can use, such as explosive barrels or weak pillars etc
  • Warn the next person before their go so they have time to plan while they see what the previous player does

As a player some things you can do:

  • Plan ahead of time so when you go comes around you already know what can/want to do
  • Make sure you know the abilities of your character and what powers are good in what situations
  • Make sure you know the environment and can use it to your advantage
  • If you are doing play by post, pre-type your go before your turn, then you only need to post it (or alter it slightly based on situation)
  • Ask questions ahead of time if there is some downtime on some one elses go, or go look in the source books or online for your answers while waiting
  • Make best use of books/tools to give others information on your powers (such as our power embedding in chat)


There are quite a few articles online that cover these topics such as this:
Top reasons your combat is slow

Remember that combat is just one part of the campaign and you can take as long or as little time doing it as you want!

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