Hello All,

New Release!

We have the first release of the new version due in the next week or so.

What this means for you.

As this is a completely re-architected system we will be auto migrating peoples persisted characters and campaigns, however any local characters will need to be used before 14th June to be useable within the new system. If you are unsure about what to do then take a backup of your character and make a post on the forums and we can assist you migrate them. Migrations are completely automated and you will not know they are happening so just viewing a local character will migrate it to the latest version, same with persisted characters and campaigns.

After June 14th we will be disabling the current version and rolling out the new one, we have decided to cull certain features from the initial release and roll them out periodically after the release has occurred.

New Features / Designs

The new system will feature a new design, which we will be tweaking further and hopefully soon open up the plugins system again to allow for custom themes to be used once more.

Here are some examples of the new system:

Improved character dashboard

Improved character browser
The character and campaign browsers are simpler and allow you to see the important information and actions quickly.

Improved campaign system

Improved campaign system
You have a far clearer UI to work with as well as a slicker chat system which has been improved visually and functionally, now with dice calculator so you can now carry out moves and just see the result rather than having to do it yourself, as well as the breakdown of what the rolls yielded, with complete traceability.

Improved contextual auto complete

Improved auto complete
We have improved the auto complete system to now correctly assist with adding Rolls, Feats, Skills, Stats and much more, this can also be extended further once the plugin system has been re-enabled.

Campaign pages

Campaign pages
We have now added the first incarnation of our campaign pages system, which acts like a wiki where you can collate information about the campaign for others to view, such as summarizing events in sessions outside of the system as well as providing character information, quest information, all in one place for all characters to see.

Improved character sheets

Improved character sheets
Improved character sheets
We have redesigned the character sheets to be simpler to view as well as making more use of higher resolution screens and tablets. This should be easier to navigate and manage as well as improved functionality such as saving as template, sharing and persisting directly from the character sheet.

Other Improvements

The new version of the system now includes support for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition as well as Pathfinder as well as other minor improvements/tweaks to functionality.

Going forward

Once this release is established we will be looking to turn on external logins, so you can sign in through google or other identity providers, we will also be looking at tweaking some of the newer features once we get more user feedback as well as moving to get the plugin and theme system compatible with the new system.

As always head on over to the forums if you have any questions or comments!

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