Although not quite as intuitive as we had hoped, the Import and Export system for characters is now enabled.

Although we would LOVE to let you download your characters as files there is no cross browser way of doing so without relying upon Flash or some other 3rd party component, which may not exist on mobile platforms. So to keep things cross platform we have opted with a slightly more hands-on approach.

So when you want to export you will be given a block of text to take and manually save somewhere, think of it like a huge password like the olden day megadrive games. You save it somewhere (or if you feel adventurous write it down), then when you want to import that character or share it with someone else, you get them to head to the import screen and paste/enter that text in and like an arcane master your character should appear in the list!

We have also improved a few underlying file loading mechanics to remove one of the known issues, and have tidied up some of the chrome specific css issues.

Happy rolling!

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