In the last update we have added a few new features and usability improvements. The main thing we have added is the campaign system which allows you to run your own Pen & Paper style campaigns from the browser making use of your existing characters, you can read more about that here. However we have also added some other changes:

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Character Portraits

Each character in the system can now have an avatar associated with it, this allows you to have a clearer indication on what your character looks like as well as at a quick view knowing which character is which, this has been a request for a while so we tried to prioritise getting it into the system in this release, especially as it helps greatly with the campaign system. You can easily edit your portrait from within the character sheet page or remove it if required, it will be visible on the dashboard pages and within the campaign system pages so it should hopefully improve the usability of the system.[/frame]

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Character Languages

This feature has been added to the Dungeons & Dragons ® – 4th Edition, Starwars ® – Saga Edition and Warhammer ® – Fantasy Roleplaying Game systems. It allows you to list all the languages the character knows in one place so it no longer needs to be added within the notes section.[/frame]

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New Look Character Summaries

We have updated the look of the character summaries on the dashboard as part of this update, this makes it easier to tell which character is which as well as make the page a bit nicer to look at. This also has been used within the campaign system page to improve the information provided about players characters. Not only now does it have a portrait to see what the character looks like but also has a high level summary of the characters important statistics, these are different for each system but provide information on the main aspects of that character.[/frame]

There are a few other changes, around character statuses and the way that character background and personality based information is shown on the screen to take up less room but provide more writing area for information to be displayed.

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