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Character Sheets

Character sheets are one of the most important aspects of the system, as its not some simple text dumping ground, each character sheet contains a lot of clever stuff to keep the data correct and easy to update and view, on any modern browser and soon on mobile platforms.

Designed Around Each Game System

We design our character sheets for each game system, so you only store the data you need and only see the data want, this also means we can customise the views further to suit each game systems situations. Most of the d20 based game systems share similarities in the role playing and exploration phases and combat phases, but other systems are not so similar and we do not try to fit squares into circle holes, we make sure everything fits together as it should do.


Character sheets contain a large amount of validation to make sure you don’t make mistakes when entering details as well as to improve the quality of the information in there, this is unique to each game systems character sheet and makes sure that we maintain data integrity when embedding data and sharing it with other parts of the system.

Backed up locally, Persisted online, Import and Export

Character sheets are saved locally to your browser so you can make as many of them as you want locally and export and import them as you see fit. If you however want to streamline your character sheet management you can just save it in the cloud meaning you can access it on any browser and device (that supports the system) and continue editing and using your character.

Views Per Situation

We have designed the character sheets to be used by situation, so the first page of each character sheet (seen on the next tab) generally contains information related to most roleplaying and skill based checks, this means you can easily have all the information you need presented to you ready to use, then just swap to the other sections of your character sheet when needed, such as combat or inventory management.

Data Integration

The character sheet is usable from other areas of the system, such as campaigns where you can embed your character data into your posts. Allowing you to record your HP at given times and what your attributes are and were, so even if you change them in the future and go back in the logs you will still see what data you had at that point in time. This allows you to embed almost any bit of information from your character sheet into your campaigns with little effort.

Customize the functionality and Themes with Plugins

One of the things we are most proud of is our plugin system which allows you to write custom plugins and hook into the functionality on the character sheets and other parts of the system. Add custom sections to the character sheet, randomize name generation even automate leveling up even make entire item databases that you can share between other characters. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

There is a lot more to our character sheets but take a look below at the example Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition character sheet which shows the various default views and information which is captured.

Roleplaying Details

For the majority of a campaign you wont even need to leave the first page, it contains all personality, characteristics as well as skill information so you can make sure you have all the main role playing information to hand so you can stop worrying about remembering the numbers and get on with enjoying your campaigns.

Combat Related Details

Within combat situations you can be prepared with the details on your offensive abilities and defensive stats, this makes it quicker and easier to make decisions on how you want to act during combat phases. You can also embed your powers into your campaigns to quickly give others information on your moves and how you want to use them.

Feats & Rituals

This page differs for most game systems, however in most d20 systems where the notions of feats exist it will contain feats and less commonly used information, however it is all stored here for you to look at when needed or embed into your campaigns to show others what feats do etc.

Inventory & Equipment Management

This view allows you to view all the equipment and currency for your character, as well as assign what is equipped on them. This is useful for when you are shopping and need to work out what items you are low on and what equipment you currently have.

This is just one part of the system, and like we said before if you prefer how you currently store your characters then by all means keep using your existing tools. If you do fancy running your campaigns in a slicker way and adding data integrity and complete traceability of campaigns then maybe give it a try, it wont cost you a thing.

If you want new game systems added or new functionality head on over to the support page and let us know, we are constantly evolving the system and want it to fit in with what the community wants, as we all run our campaigns differently.