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Campaign System

Campaigns allow multiple players to get together and use their characters in adventures run by a Game Master, break your story into chapters and access them from anywhere allowing players to continue a crucial story line whenever they are free.

Campaign Chat

The campaign chat is where most of the magic happens. It is very much like using any messaging application but all conversations are tracked and searchable as well as being intelligent in how it processes data.

You can embed character data in which are game system specific, such as adding #perception for your characters total perception score at that point in time, or #armorclass to get the total armor class. There are many more tokens available, all you need to do is start typing with the hash symbol # and then follow it with whatever you want to include to get the auto complete to pop up.

As mentioned above all this information is tracked at the time of entering, so if you had a perception score of 4 and you embedded it in the chat it would store what it was at that point in time. So if you went up a level and got a score of 5, then went back to the chat it would still show your score at that point in time. This allows you to have full trace-ability over what happened in a campaign and see what peoples scores and rolls were at that point in time.

Different systems support different features but here are some other examples of the common use cases with the chat system.



Timelines are a way to cope with groups splitting up, or wanting to have multiple events occur at the same time.

They basically isolate certain chat into a given timeline, so for example if you were to have a group of 4 players and 2 went to storm a castle and 2 went to round up the towns folk, rather than muddling both conversations together in one place you can split the rounding up the townsfolk into its own timeline for just the 2 players doing that, then close it and move back to the main timeline with them once the group meets back up.

It is also a handy way of dealing with additional content to supplement the main chat, so for example the group all goes to sleep at camp but 2 players want to have a discussion. Rather than keep everyone waiting on that discussion it could be taken to a timeline where they can continue the discussion, but the main timeline can continue while this occurs. This way you can keep the story progressing when needed but not lose out on those in depth RP moments.

Finally you can close timelines to stop input after the story has continued. You can also delete timelines, however it will merge all content from the timeline into the main timeline so no content is lost. This being said you do not even need to use timelines if you do not want to, they are just another way to simplify certain scenarios.

Campaign Pages / Wiki

We know not all of your sessions will take place in here, nor will all the information be in the chat logs, so this is why there is a built in way of handling collation of high level information or tracking information from outside of sessions.

You can create as many pages as you want within the system and categorize them as you see fit, so you could group all NPCs or Locations together, as well as things like in person sessions where you all find time to get together and do a session. All the pages are written in Markdown which is well documented on the internet, but we have a cheat sheet to help get you going.

All game systems support this however certain systems have additional features, such as being able to link to external sites such as frwiki etc.

Chat Search

As mentioned before we wanted the system to provide the entire history of a campaign from start to finish, so as part of this you are able to search the chat for any previous text.

This allows you to find any entries which contain the text as well as being able to view the entry within the campaign chat system.

This is useful for when you need to quickly find out about a past event or see what an NPC said at a certain point in time. When paired with the bookmark functionality this allows you to quickly navigate years worth of campaign entries with ease.